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CJ Thompson

A monolith of uniformity in total disarray; One direction of traffic without destination. Weakened by blindness and blinded by weakness; A slothful society frantically progressing backward.

The Wasteland

Air polluted with noise, yet silence abounded. Good music was substantially wicked, Substantial music was wickedly bad, And everything but nature was natural to hear.

The Wasteland

I saw a new tree as straight as He, Cursed and dead, it’s fruit costly. Of this I ate, my faith to quicken, Clothed in righteousness, destined for Heaven.

The Trees of His Story

I saw an old tree as crooked as me, Blessed and living, its fruit was free. Of this I ate, then knew too well, Naked am I, damned to Hell.

The Trees of History

But one thing you gave to me Will outlive us both, come what may. This baby of mine is that only, Mine to cherish, forever and a day.

Forever and a Day

You touched me, and I feel it still. I’ll never not, though I daily try. What you stole against my will You will have until you die.

Forever and a Day

Lay thy wearied conscience down. Pick thy cross off dusty ground, that when His cup of wrath be loosed ye shan’t be ‘mongst those accused but in His bosom thy soul reduced.

O’ Church

He claimed he was going to intentionally make a life for the sole purpose of taking it. I don’t know if there is a more potent example of the depravity of man.

The Ugly Dog of “Reproductive Freedom”

How does God use individuals to build corporate faith? By having them harpoon fornicating idolaters, of course.

Corporate Faith in a Personal God

God is keen on balancing the decks of people who throw too much in the pot.

The Final Case

It will take a lifetime to recover What it took nine months to discover.

Baby Boy

Be wise, folks, and remember that Christ has already overcome the world—that includes Clown World.

A Field Guide to Clown World

People, in his experience, only “see each other” to see each other see each other.

Grace Gala

There’s nothing new under the sun, so if you’re looking to avoid a sunburn, look to the One who made both.

A Field Guide to Clown World

When flesh is torn and mind is lost, Soul remains to bear the cross. For pain in nerve is pain indeed, Yet this, my spirit, cannot bleed.

Memento Mori

Here are stars to guide you, Winds to carry you home. She who was beside you, Now inside wherever you roam.

The Motherless

Remember, the heart may be a vital organ, but it is also a small one, often presenting itself in a single word or phrase from the opponent. When in doubt, listen for a bold statement repeated often.

Tactical Discourse: Hippies

Hunger pangs yawn slavered jaw Closed hence on steely blade, And into peace, his hand opposed, Crawls savior to safety.

Temple Dome

They would much prefer to carry on firing blanks and aiming high than to abandon the safety of their trench and the favor of their rank.

Tactical Discourse Series

Show me a man with love to spare, His heart too full for mortal itch; He who Lucifer need forswear, For live in him is Glory’s pitch.


God is very much like time: sovereign over our every thought and deed yet so humbly unobtrusive as to content himself with constant, almost universal disregard.

Ungodly Timing

Others still, the anti-theists, act as embittered patients in a holy hospice; they simultaneously deny and resent God’s existence and, what’s more, His inexorable predominance.

Ungodly Timing

Time has ran but not like you. “To whom?” is the question. I answer, the King of the Jews.

Nowhere to Run, Everywhere to Hide

Here is my smile, keep them happy. Here is my husband, give them daddy.

Sacrificial Love

Moments hound by farce and storm Quell dreams born to sheets so warm. Yet bloom outdare both home and wood In quest ennobled by root of good.

To Answer the Call

You do not “fall in Love”; you sink into it as you might a warm bath, one just shallow enough to prevent full immersion.

Love: A Feeling with Implications

You do not “find Love”; you explore it as you might a new and exotic land, one that stretches on for all eternity.

Love: A Feeling with Implications

You do not “confess your Love”; you narrate it as you might a suspenseful story, one where rising action never turns to climax.

Love: A Feeling with Implications

Love is, therefore, the bedrock of morality, and since God is the standard of morality, He is by necessity also (the standard of) love itself—a formula which works almost just as well in the reverse.

Love: A Feeling with Implications

Finally, if we forget who gave us Love, we will forget how to Love. Because Love without right and wrong is about as meaningful as a compass without north and south.

Love: A Feeling with Implications

And, no, I will not apologize for my excessive use of analogy; it is the language of Love.

Love: A Feeling with Implications

We are too alike to not eventually see ourselves in each other, even (perhaps especially) those we most despise.

The Five Forms of Racism: A Call to Humility

Democracy is the enemy of racism insofar as it values each individual equally (privileged or not, foreign or not) and as their own entity.

The Five Forms of Racism: A Call to Humility

[…] if God really was principally concerned with the unbeliever’s discomfort, am I to believe He could do no better than Hell by way of alternate housing?

When Theodicies Go Wrong: An Overdue Disavowal

Routines, if properly formulated and precisely executed, create positive habits, impart enlightening perspectives, and promote unimaginable progress.

Daily Routines: Your Realized Potential

Routine is success at the atomic level.

Daily Routines: Your Realized Potential

Yes, we live in a clown world, but I would recommend a gun that goes bang over one that reads “bang”.

A Field Guide to Clown World

Behold Christ crucified, see your sins laid bear, and there you will find not the line but the gaping chasm between sacred and profane.

The Sacred and the Profane

Mystery of mysteries that blood must spill till Nature has her way, form for Spirit to fill.

The Giver’s Gift

I would kill Jesus to prove I’m a good person. I would kill myself to live forever.

The Curse of Modern Man

Hidden is God from gluttonous drunks in wine and bread chunks.

Divine Hiddenness

May he remember his baptism even as you remember his name.

Goodnight, Son

May the good, the true, and the beautiful ever be the joy of her heart and the focus of her mind. Build her soul one scratch and one smile at a time […]

Goodnight, Daughter

Only from the heights of Heaven Could one pierce the depths of Hell. Thence You preached to death and Satan, That thy child they cannot cell.

Come, O’ Trinity

Come, O’ Spirit, with hope and power To lead me on the journey hence. Be my help and my good counselor, Teach me slow, yet make me quick.

Come O’ Trinity

What truth He gave to the ancients, He gave as a hint, a whisper in the ear. He never intended us to minimize it further so as to carry it around in our pocket. We were to watch it grow into the fullness of Truth found only in Christ, to build Heaven on Earth with it.

The Wheel of Time

In vein thou hide thy face For even shepherds spy the light of Michael shone—yae, to torch His birthplace—cross the night sky.

Devil’s Yule

It’s hard to yearn for the breath of spring in a house warmer than summer melting. Harder still to crave fruit galore when every season is in every store.

Happy New Year

Many a weary mile wear the spoor Of these weathered boots unsure. But they too bear the beaten brand Of sod and stone, of the lonely moor.

Trusty Twos

Yes, child, that love you drank whilst here, it flowed from my weeping heart. The Good Lord turns a bitter tear to wine for those so soon depart.


There is a valley over yonder crest, Hid beyond willows, dark and desert, Or so I suspect for I have never quest A foot or eye in that wood outskirt.

Red Wedding

The flower God did not equip To oppose, to oppose That reaper come with sickle swift in shadow, in shadow.

Just a Girl

And, lo, the Gardener with tender hold around thorns close, around thorns close, that with pierced hands she is plant and in glory grows, and in glory grows.

Just a Girl

The day is spent, who knows how well, hours chased by boot and tail have dropped me here next to you, empty as an upset pail.

Twofold Pack

In palm of folded hand, Bread rained down from Heaven, Joins bread raised up from land, Thy works our faith to leaven.

Leaven Grace

Yea, hanging on the rugged tree, did he not, as for you and me, make plea for that old dogwood, that it be raised for purpose good?

Earth Reborn

She hears the Angels sing, she makes their song the sweeter. She sees the risen King, and by hand He doth lead her.


And in that silent place he meets with its Maker who tells though great is Space, my son, you are the greater.