I Met a Cat Today

I met a cat today. Without warning, she sauntered right into my study, passing by without even a glance in my direction. As with her unsuspecting host, she paid gravity no mind, denying it the privilege of knowing her graceful form. And it was thus, one weightless step after another, that she laid claim to ever more territory. 

Before long, my very body began to surrender, refusing to serve me in the presence of its new queen. The breath in my lungs left to follow her, and my heart whaled against its prison bars. The words in my mouth evaporated under her radiance, and my eyes were transfixed with curious resolve. 

At last, the thoughts in my head ran themselves into oblivion. Every stride of her nimble legs beguiled me into a deeper and deeper trance until she broke the spell with a purr as soft as her black fur. The meaning was clear yet profound: “We don’t know each other, but I wish we did.” 

She turned to reveal two dusky-green eyes, each beckoning me into their private universe, the purr echoing within. Overwhelmed and lost in that beautiful abyss, I uttered the only words she left me: “We will.”


To Ana, the love of my life.

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