Come, O’ Trinity

Trifacial Trinity (1770) by Anonymous Cusco School

Come, O’ Father, hear my prayer

Draw me nearer to thy throne.

Like a babe you carry me where

Feet of mine could never roam.

Stained and sore from my transgressions,

Restore this soul to you alone.

My heart bleeds out its confession

‘Till what’s bled is not my own.

Come, O’ Jesus, my dear brother,

How I yearn for thy embrace.

With creation, angel, and mother,

I bend my knee and raise my voice.

Only from the heights of Heaven

Could one pierce the depths of Hell.

Thence You preached to death and Satan,

That thy child they cannot cell.

Come, O’ Spirit, with hope and power

To lead me on the journey hence.

Be my help and my good counselor,

Teach me slow, yet make me quick.

What great grace, God, have you given

That He advocates for me.

No more am I a vacant prison

But Thy temple gloriously.

Come, O’ Godhead, the Three in One

Who sings my spirit into life.

What want of joy when day is done

You richly give in afterlife.

When joined in dance, the Three and I,

All shall see and be made right.

Never more will tired eyes cry

But only gaze upon His Light.

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