The Trees of His Story

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I saw an old tree as crooked as me,

Blessed and living, its fruit was free.

Of this I ate, then knew too well,

Naked am I, damned to Hell.

I saw a shoot from bloodied ground

Touch the heavens whence it crowned

A child born to victory,

Fruit from the root of Jesse.

I saw a new tree as straight as He,

Cursed and dead, it’s fruit costly.

Of this I ate, my faith to quicken,

Clothed in righteousness, destined for Heaven.

Now I live not by sight

But on a tree, great in might,

Branch and fruit both unseen,

Spirit sent for us to glean.

I hear of a tree soon to return,

Its fruits the conqueror shall surely earn.

Souls lost to the age of fasting

Shall feast hence on life everlasting.

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One Comment

  1. Alexandra Harris

    He was made a curse for us on a tree
    Just another revolutionary
    A mystery not expected, not wanted
    But by his Spirit we see

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