Just a Girl

Rose (1916) by Germaine Barbier

Just a girl small and pure

As a rose, as a rose

When stem was cut in darkest night

And bloom was froze, and bloom was froze.

The flower God did not equip

To oppose, to oppose

That Reaper come with sickle swift

In shadow, in shadow.

Just a girl wilt and withered,

You suppose, you suppose,

One of many slept too soon,

So it goes, so it goes.

The grand design behind it all,

Heaven knows, Heaven knows,

Perchance to test the meadow wide,

To faith expose, to faith expose.

Just a girl, nay, a saint

Whom He chose, whom He chose

To reflect the Sun raised at last

From its repose, from its repose.

And, lo, the Gardener with tender hold

Around thorns close, around thorns close,

That with pierced hands she is plant

And in glory grows, and in glory grows.


To Maggie Mae, a rose most beautiful.

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