The Three Little Birds

Still Life with Three Birds Nests, 1885 – Vincent van Gogh

There’s something special inside your chest,

A little nest for you to rest.

When you are scared or sad or feeling bad,

Your nest is a home, safe and glad.

Nuzzled within, you will find

Three little birds, all of a kind.

The first is Faith, white as snow.

She can fly to the sky, watch her go!

Way up there behind the blue,

God is smiling down on you.

The next is Hope, green as can be.

Hear him sing, tweedle-da, tweedle-dee.

That is the song of tomorrow,

When the sun is warm and low.

The last is Love, painted red.

See how wide his wings can spread.

That is how much Mommy loves you

And how proud Daddy is too.

Each of them live inside,

Placed there to be your guide.

So the next time you are feeling down,

Let them lift you off the ground.

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